5 Easy Tips for Fast Results

Do you hate waiting to see your progress? Here are 5 easy tips for fast results!

I know many of you are avid cardio goes.  One of my jobs here is to help everyone see success in regards to their health and fitness – whether it’s lining up each member with the right personal trainer, recommending group fitness classes, or providing helpful tips and fitness advice, I’m here for you. 

Most of us do not have an hour every day to waste on cardio exercise.  In fact, most of us really don’t have ANY time to waste during our day.  I want to help you be more efficient with your time in the fitness center by doing effective workouts. 

When it comes to cardio, there are things I’m seeing every day that render a workout nearly useless.  If you follow my basic tips, I promise you will make some serious progress toward your goals. 

  1. Let it go.  Get your hands OFF the handles and make your body work a bit harder.  I know I know… you want to go uphill on the treadmill so holding on makes it easier.  You will get a MUCH better workout if you slow down the treadmill – even if it’s 1.0 mph and not holding on than if you were walking fast and holding on.  Besides, if the treadmills and stair climbers were meant to be held on to, the machines would have signs that would say HOLD HERE – and they don’t. 
  2. Shake it up.  Try using a different piece of cardio equipment every once in a while.  Your body will adapt to the specific exercises you continuously do and it will inevitably plateau.  If you cross-train (perform different exercises), you will keep your body adapting and results will follow.  Even if it means use the treadmill for 10 minutes and then move to the elliptical for 10 minutes, and then the bike for 10 minutes. 
  3. Get away from steady-state.  Studies actually show that when you keep a constant speed while doing cardio (walking, jogging, biking, etc), stress increases in the body.  This will actually raise cortisol (stress hormone) and can greatly impact your progress.  In fact, it could even begin burning up muscle tissue for energy and protecting body fat.  That’s NOT what you want to do.  Instead, try mixing things up – change the speed or even incline of your workout randomly throughout.  If you keep your intensity up, your workout can even be shorter!  Effective interval cardio can be performed in as little as 20 minutes.
  4. Come to the DARK SIDE.  I know your heart is set on ONLY doing cardio work.  I think it’s great that you’re active.  The problem is that you are SERIOULY limiting your progress.  No matter what your goal may be, I guarantee that resistance training will greatly benefit you.  The benefits are too numerous to list in this short article.  If you’re one of those competitive runners or cyclists, even you can benefit from proper resistance training.  Give it a shot, you may actually like the results.
  5. Workout, rest, and repeat.  When it comes to achieving your goals, both in life and in the gym – it takes consistency.  Consistency yields results.  Make your health a priority and schedule in your workouts.  Taking too many days off between workouts greatly reduces your chance of success.  If accountability or motivation are your problems, our amazing staff of experienced trainers can help.  In fact, we can guide you through every aspect of fitness to make things easier than ever. 

Nick Bolton can help you achieve your goals through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching in Kansas City!

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