4 Daily Choices that Make a Big Difference

4 Daily Choices That Make a Big Difference

Before you even step foot in they gym, a lot can be done to improve your health and fitness. Look around – opportunities to burn calories surround nearly every decision you make. These simple steps are critical in achieving real progress toward your goals. Most of these are common sense but often overlooked because people aren’t thinking about the benefits to their health, but rather, whatever’s convenient. You need to actually exert some energy in order to burn calories. Here are four simple things that you can do every day to help you reach your goal faster

1) Stand instead of sit.

This simple tip will go a long way. When given the option to relax and sit or to stand up, choose the latter. Your body burns more calories when you’re standing and moving around. It can also be good for your joints because it can help with increasing blood flow and synovial fluid (which is good for the joints). Another huge benefit to be standing and moving around is that you can take advantage of gravity which helps with maintaining healthy bone density (by placing specific demands on the skeletal structure of the body). These moments can add up in the long haul so get up! Challenge tip: Complete 5 minutes of squats, standing up and sitting down, for 10 minutes. Rest as you need to for the duration of the 5 minutes. Just moving around can increase your calorie burn and possibly even increase your metabolism.

2) Park further away.

I know a lot of people search for a perfect parking place close to the entrance, but this is a great opportunity to move your legs, enjoy the fresh air, and take a short walk, from the car to the front doors.

3) Take the stairs.

Instead of riding the escalator or waiting for the elevator, try stepping your way upstairs (or downstairs). It’s amazing that most people ignore the fat-burning secret that these stairs hold. Challenge Tip: If you want a quick 10-minute workout, try walking up and down some stairs. To mix things up, try walking each stair, skipping steps, walking up sideways, and even backwards.

4) Go for a walk after work.

Taking 10 minutes when you get home to stroll around the neighborhood is great for clearing your head and burning calories in a mini workout. Challenge Tip: If you want a bit more of a challenge, try walking hills or walking into the wind. A 10-minute brisk walk can burn around 50 calories, helpful when trying to lose unwanted pounds. Even if you think you’re fit, give these steps a shot. You might be surprised how often we opt for the easy choice instead of exerting a little effort, These are the choices that make fitness a “lifestyle” instead of simply a new years resolution.