Is Fitness Keeping you From Living?

For some people, the vanity-side of exercise is a thing of the past, or simply not realistic. Now, there’s nothing wrong with working out to look and feel better, but for some people, fitness is actually about QUALITY OF LIFE. Here’s what I mean. This past weekend I went out to Zion National Park in Utah. My goal was to get away from work and simply enjoy nature while experiencing something I’ve never seen before. I didn’t expect that this “escape” was about to make me realize something important. Every single day, children and even young adults often take their health for granted. Even our ACTIVITY level is taken for granted. Before you know it, you might find your self in a place you don’t want to be, unable to even do daily tasks. Most people might chalk it up as the natural “aging” process but I refuse to believe that. Giving in is the best way to never know what you can actually accomplish. I promise you, if you haven’t tried to fight to improve your quality of life, you’re missing out on so much more than you realize.

As I climbed, I was watching as others took to the hiking paths of the beautiful canyons and mountains the park had to offer. I noticed that for many of them, it was a “chore” rather than an “experience”. It took WORK and at times, somewhat strenuous effort, to climb higher. Too many people had to idly sit by to recover or even turn back down, as friends or family members continued on their journey to the top. Do we, as a population, really suffer this much from the lack of perseverance and drive? Or is this simply about how so many people take their health for granted and allow themselves to deteriorate.

While I was standing on the peak of Angels Landing, overlooking these simply breathtaking canyons, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the many people that would never experience this moment. Words cannot describe these moments and the peace that’s almost overwhelming. I feel sorry for those that cannot or choose not to try. Yes, at times, this was a challenging climb, and it wasn’t for EVERYBODY. But it certainly could have been for those that wanted to finish but were too de-conditioned or “out of shape” to continue. Our lifestyle and activity choices that happen each and every day will position us for moments like these. In the end, maybe fitness is about more than JUST how we look and feel. Maybe, for some, fitness is about truly experiencing LIFE and the wonders that it offers. But I guess things that are worth having just take that extra effort to achieve. Don’t let your health and fitness be the reason you can’t experience these moments in life. Think about what’s keeping you back from experiencing life. Go out and do something about it because in the end, only you have that choice.