Rethink Your Snack Options

Rethink Your Snack Options

Whey protein gives you a needed protein boost without unnecessary sugars

Healthy snacks for the family can be extremely hard to find these days. Most television commercials and advertisements promote these unhealthy snacks, full of saturated fats, sugar, and simple carbohydrates. These are popular options because they’re fast, easy, and cheap. Unfortunately, they are over consumed in America and are a big part of the obesity problem that we face. These overly-processed foods pose problems as your body doesn’t know how to deal with them normally, which leads to internal inflammation and unnecessary bloating.

Some people reach for protein bars because they think it’s a healthier option. While protein bars have higher amounts of protein, they’re still chalked full of unwanted ingredients including excess sugars and sugar alcohols. If speed and convenience is important, maybe you should consider whey protein isolate shakes (powder form or ready to drink). There are several advantages to whey protein powder:

  • Whey protein is readily digested in the human body. Most proteins are designed to be very quickly absorbed, allowing your body to maintain muscle more effectively.
  • If you lack an appetite and are not craving any particular food, protein can be consumed to nourish the body at the needed times. It’s important to not go too long between meals so the body can continue to metabolize efficiently.
  • Whey protein contains many essential building blocks for muscle without the unnecessary simple carbohydrates, fats, sugar, and sodium you find in many foods.
  • Whey protein can be extremely versatile as it can be added to many of your recipes to boost the nutritional value.

Remember, not all whey proteins are created equal. Do your homework or ask a qualified professional before reaching for he first protein item you see. Also, remember fresh, whole foods are still the best option for a clean nutrition plan. Whey protein is intended to supplement your healthy diet by adding an option when you need a quick snack. It takes a consistent approach to see true, long-term success and it starts with what you put in your mouth.