Simple Summer Steps

Here comes summer.  Are you ready?  Chances are, if you’ve waited until now to start getting in shape for swimsuit season, you’re probably too late.  It takes time for your body to change.  As I tell my clients, it takes a while for you to gradually put that weight on, so it takes time to get it back off.  You can, however, continue to make noticeable progress through the summer with these simple tips. 

  1. Stay Hydrated:  As it get’s hot, it becomes more important to stay hydrated because of the obvious safety issues of dehydration.  Not only is water vital for your health and wellness, but it can even help you lose extra weight.  Try drinking your body weight in ounces of water through the day.  You might be surprised to see and feel the difference.
  2. Avoid drinking calories. Sugary drinks associated with summer typically contain a lot of unwanted calories.  Even coconut water can be counterproductive if not consumed at the appropriate times (while you’re exercising).  Finally, I’m sure theres no secret that alcohol will make it more challenging to reach your fitness goals.  Stick to water or green tea to avoid the unnecessary calories that make it hard to lose those unwanted pounds.
  3. Enjoy the sunshine.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside for your exercise.  Swimming, biking, hiking, or even walking will all burn more calories than sitting around the house.  Not to mention being active in the sunshine will help get you adequate doses of Vitamin D.  If the summer days get hot, try enjoying the outdoors in the morning or evening. Oh, and Don’t forget the sunscreen.
  4. Eat fresh whole foods.  Yes, that means avoiding fried foods, sugars, and processed foods.  If that makes up pretty much your whole diet, than you probably already know you need some guidance.  Eating the right foods will help you see results and feel the added energy allowing you to be even more active outside.