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5 Knee Damaging Exercises

Take care of your knees by avoiding these 5 knee damaging exercises. Do you have knee pain?  You might want to skip these 5 exercises.  Knee pain can be caused by a number of things but the following exercises tend to place unnecessary stress on the joint which can worsen the pain or discomfort. One incredibly disturbing … Continued

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4 Dangerous Shoulder Exercises to Avoid

Is your shoulder injured from your weight-training routine? Here are 4 dangerous shoulder exercises to avoid. Exercise is a great thing when it’s performed correctly. There are times, however, when exercises can be dangerous (poor exercise selection or improper form) and they can compromise joint health and integrity. If you want to avoid shoulder injuries when exercising, Nick … Continued

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5 Easy Tips for Fast Results

Do you hate waiting to see your progress? Here are 5 easy tips for fast results! I know many of you are avid cardio goes.  One of my jobs here is to help everyone see success in regards to their health and fitness – whether it’s lining up each member with the right personal trainer, … Continued

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6-Pack Abs Myths

Stop making excuses with these 6-Pack Abs Myths Carved out six-pack abs are probably the most sought after muscle group in the human body for both men and women. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of misconceptions and myths surrounding this body part’s development.  The following is a list of the most common myths associated with … Continued

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