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Is Sugar Aging You?

Is sugar aging you? Eliminate rapid aging and unhealthy sugars from your lifestyle. Is your eating aging your body faster than it should?  The food you put into your mouth dictates how efficiently or inefficiently your body will work.  In my years of personal training it comes down to one major element that determines someone’s … Continued

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Kansas City Nutrition Coaching

It is time to get serious about your Kansas City nutrition coaching! Get it straight from the professional, Nick Bolton. With months gone past, have you kept to your New Year Resolution of improving your diet? It is okay if you haven’t because there is never a better time to start improving your life than … Continued

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7 Tips to Holiday Eating for Fitness

Don’t let the holiday feasts set you back from your fitness goal. By using these 7 tips to healthy eating for fitness, you won’t have to miss out! This is the most challenging time of the year for those fitness-minded people out there.  Holiday parties don’t have to be a reason to kiss your health … Continued

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Pre-Workout Nutrition Can Help Burn Fat

Did you know pre-workout nutrition can help burn fat? Whether your goal is to lose weight (body fat) or gain lean muscle, your nutrition is vitally important.  A lot of people have asked me about what I recommend for a pre-workout meal.  In order to make the most of the workout, here is a list … Continued

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