Online Fitness Through the Holidays

Online Fitness Through the Holiday

The holidays are a perfect time to enjoy socializing with friends and family. It’s traditionally not been a great time for staying on track with fitness. Online training with Nick Bolton changes that. Here are 5  advantages of Nick Bolton online training that you can use to set yourself up for success this year.

  1. Workout WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want to. This time of year is very busy with traveling and hosting events. It’s hard enough to cram in time to take care of yourself. Now you can set aside the best time that works for you. Nick customizes his workout programs based on the type of equipment you have at home or at the gym, the preferred workout days, and even the length of workout session.
  2. Work with a certified personal trainer for a FRACTION of the cost. Every bit of saving can count so you can focus your pennies where they can count the most. You can train every day for a month for the cost of one in-person session with Nick. Plus, you still get all the benefits of personal training (minus the in-person benefits): custom workout programs, nutrition guidance. accountability, and support.
  3. Custom workouts for faster results. Nick designs all online programs from the ground up because your body type, background, injuries/limitations, and goals are different from everyone else. Rest assured that the program is the most focused, results-driven program you can have.
  4. Full accountability to keep you on track. Having someone keep an eye on your progress, making sure you’re consistently exercising and eating healthy is the key to success. Miss a day, and your trainer will see. This will keep your “hand to the fire” and ensure your compliance for greater progress. You can even track your results with the regular check in/measurement days.
  5. Full support and messaging. Nick is extremely responsive, in order to make your experience a great one. It’s all about giving you the tools for success while giving you the peace of mind that someone’s got your back.

If you’ve been thinking about online training or would like to chat more with Nick Bolton about his programs, please click here.