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Nick Bolton Fitness is proud to announce that we are now offering online personal training for those of you that we just can’t reach with personal training in Overland Park, KS.

When you make Nick Bolton Fitness your choice for online personal training, you can expect to get all the same attention and dedication you receive through in-person personal training.¬†Nick will begin by thoroughly evaluating¬†where you currently stand in relation to fitness and nutrition. Knowing your personal limitations, goals, needs, likes, and dislikes is crucial to developing a fitness and nutrition plan that helps you achieve those goals. We will assess what kind of fitness equipment you have access to, how to best fit in workouts in your personal routine, and we’ll go over what has held you back from making lasting changes in the past. You will be presented a thorough initial workout and nutrition plan, which will be regularly evaluated and changed or updated as needed. You will have a weekly check in as part of your 16-week online personal training program with Nick to go over your progress and reassess your goals.

Ready to get started? Apply below! This is an exclusive offer, and spots are limited. Only dedicated applicants need apply.

Online Personal Training Application

This online transformation program is designed to change your body and your life. We have helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals. We understand that the journey can be frustrating so we have dedicated ourselves to developing an incredibly successful program that is easy to follow. If you're finally ready to take the step that counts, please continue on and honestly fill out the remainder of this form in order to allow us to help you.
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