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On average, an estimated 34% of U.S. adults have metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of risk factors (including high blood pressure and high cholesterol) that often leads to diabetes and heart disease. These factors create high-risk employees which cost employers more money in insurance and loss of productivity. At Nick Bolton Fitness, we offer corporate training programs to improve the health of corporate employees.

Lower Healthcare Costs

People who exercise regularly will save roughly $2500 a year in healthcare costs (including prescriptions, etc). According to the University of Michigan, workers who exercise regularly can lower healthcare costs by about 30% per employee, from $3855 to $2770.

Increase Productivity

According to Healthy Living, people who exercise take 25% less unscheduled breaks than those who don’t. In addition, regular exercise can increase work output by 15% on average. Exercise can enhance team building & increase energy.

Improve Employee Morale

Workers who exercise report positive outcomes including lessened tempers, relieved anxiety and depression, heightened morale and a greater sense of calmness. Employees that follow a fitness program exhibit a 22% decrease in absenteeism

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The Benefits of Nick Bolton Fitness

Attract Employee Talent

By adding a corporate training program to your company's culture you send a clear message about the values of your organization. With the growing number of young professionals entering the market, a corporate training program can set you apart from your competitors.

Safe Workouts

Some personal trainers make the mistake of pushing their clients too much, beyond the capabilities of their bodies. Nick Bolton is a certified personal trainer designing safe workout plans to avoid common injuries from over exercising and excessive stress on the body. Nick Bolton has thousands of hours of ongoing training to maintain the safety of this clients.

Flexible Corporate Training

You need workouts for your employees that enhance the work day, not diminish productivity. Nick Bolton Fitness offers flexible corporate training based on your schedule.

Morning, Lunch or Afternoon

When do you feel the most energized? Some people are morning risers while some people flourish in the afternoon. Regardless, we can schedule workouts in the morning, during lunch hour or in the afternoons. It's completely customizable to your employees' schedule.

30 Minutes to 1 Hour

If your company doesn't have time to dedicate an hour to workout during the day, Nick Bolton we can pack an hour workout into a 30-minute session. Don't let time slow you down. As they always say – work smarter not harder.

In Person + Online

You can offer an additional opportunity for your employees by adding online training to your corporate program. Nick Bolton Fitness offers in person and online training programs to maximize the workday and allow employees to work towards a healthier lifestyle on their own time.

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Meet Nick Bolton

At Nick Bolton Fitness, I design your fitness program based on your individual goals and your lifestyle. If you like to run outside, we'll add it to your plan. If you like indoor weights, you got it. Enjoy the process, trust the process.

Nick Bolton is a celebrity fitness trainer in Kansas City. With thousands of hours of ongoing fitness education, multiple magazine features and a spokesperson for recognizable brands – Nick Bolton is a recognized name in fitness.

About Nick Bolton

Let’s talk about your goals.

Depending on the goals of your organization, I’ll create a custom program specifically for you.