Use Holidays to Boost Your Fitness

Fitness is Most Important During the Holiday Season

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The holidays aren’t just about family and friends socializing. Most of us put fitness on the back burner because of the chaos of the holidays – traveling to see family, fighting the shopping rush during black Friday for Christmas presents, preparing the feasts for friends, and all the other holiday events that stack up in the calendar. Rarely does fitness become a priority with so many other things to take our focus away. If you stop for a moment and think about one of the most important things, your own body’s health and wellness, you might second guess your priorities. I’m not saying all the other wonderful things in life, like family, friends, socializing, and spending time with each other aren’t important – I’m only saying that, taking care of yourself will make everything else better.

Here are 5 things that make staying fit during the holidays extra important.

  1. Working out will help reduce the stress of the Holidays. Let’s face it, as great as this time of year is, we can still suffer through higher-than-normal levels of stress. Parking lots, spending money, battling crowded stores, feuding with family members, and the other fun activities can elevate stress, which in turn, elevates the cortisol levels in the body. This leads to over-eating and increased fat storage. Finding ways to reduce stress is critical in keeping the hormone levels in balance and remaining sane during the Holiday adventures.
  2. Working out will help you sleep better. Whether it’s increased levels of stress or your body not moving around enough during days to need the sleep, you may find yourself not being able to sleep very well at night. By exercising in the day, you can tackle both issues and help increase your chances of sleeping more soundly. This means that you’ll wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to take on the new challenges of the day with energy.
  3. Eating more? Need to move more! Exercise will obviously combat the added calories in the diet during this time of year. This one’s simple – increased calories requires an increase in calorie burning. I’ll give you a tip here – if you want the most “bang for you buck” in terms of burning the MOST calories in the least amount of time, stick with resistance training. I’m not talking about doing a couple of bicep curls and then walking around, looking for some other machine to do. I’m talking about keeping your rest to a minimum and getting the body to work. If you need a solid plan, here’s the one I’d recommend to my clients to use: Holiday Program.
  4. Working out will boost your energy. If you find yourself suffering from low energy with all the Holiday excitement, pushing through a quick workout will help increase your energy naturally. You’ll also have the positive effects of exercise, which will improve your mood (with endorphines) and a strengthened immune system.
  5. Working out now will give you HUGE head start going into New Years. The most common New Years Resolution is getting in shape. The problem is that most people begin to “stack the deck against themselves” during the holidays leading up to new years by eating and drinking their way through to the end of the year – only to then try and fight off all the damage they’ve caused after January 1st. How about changing that this year by setting yourself up for success. Get a jump start on your health and fitness today and the ride will be MUCH easier.

Resistance training is your best option, but it’s not the only one. If you don’t have workout equipment at home or a gym to use, feel free to do some walking. Whether you’re outside or in the mall, find yourself hills or stairs to mix into your walking in order to burn extra calories.

The amazing benefits speak for themselves, but don’t worry, you don’t have to carve out hours every day to spend sweating away on a treadmill or moving heavy weight. You can gain many of the benefits with only about 30 min a day, 3-4 times a week. While you’re out shopping, swing by the gym or get a quick workout at home.

By focusing on your fitness now, you’ll take advantage of the holiday eating and see progress before new years even gets here.

If you want to supercharge your march through the Holidays, you might consider meeting with a certified personal trainer who can ensure your doing the perfect program for maximum progress, all while staying accountable. You can check my website out for more info by clicking HERE.

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personal trainer in overland park