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Certified Personal Trainer

Exercising shouldn’t be a chore or a hassle, it should be the small fraction of your day to focus solely on yourself. While other trainers follow rigid workout programs, schedules, and expectations, Nick Bolton Fitness focuses on your personal goals. Based on your goals we create a custom, results proven program that you will also enjoy.


Your Lifestyle.

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Nick Bolton Fitness offers in-person personal training programs for individuals of all types in the Kansas City area. Based on your goals, Nick Bolton creates a custom training program to fit your busy schedule and to keep you accountable towards the results you desire.


Offer your employees an extra incentive to come to work and to beat the afternoon slump. Corporations and mid-sized companies can choose Nick Bolton's corporate training program to increase employee productivity, reduce health insurance costs, and add a unique element to their company culture.

Goal-Driven Fitness Programs


Your schedule is hectic already so when do you have time to exercise? At Nick Bolton Fitness, we make it easy. Schedule your workouts for the early morning, during lunch or after work which can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Cookie cutter fitness programs ignore the capabilities and limitations of your body. Nick Bolton is a certified personal trainer with the expertise to design safe workouts that keep you going instead of sitting on the sidelines.


The biggest obstacle to any fitness goal is accountability. It's easy to decide other tasks take priority over your health. Nick Bolton keeps you accountable so you don't lose sight of achieving your goals.

Meet Nick Bolton

At Nick Bolton Fitness, I design your fitness program based on your individual goals and your lifestyle. If you like to run outside, we'll add it to your plan. If you like indoor weights, you got it. Enjoy the process, trust the process.

Nick Bolton is a celebrity fitness trainer in Kansas City. With thousands of hours of ongoing fitness education, multiple magazine features and a spokesperson for recognizable brands – Nick Bolton is a recognized name in fitness.

About Nick Bolton

Free Body Transformation Consult

If you want results, tell me about your goals. Depending on your lifestyle and your expectations, I’ll create a custom program specifically for you.